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Reflections of grace

Hello, my name is Grace Carey. I have been involved in art and craft business on and off for over 20 years (with pauses here and there for motherhood). I run a business called Reflections of grace.

Originally I decorated mirrors and vases with decorative adhesive lead and vinyls. I sold these at Craft Fairs and from Dedham Art and Craft Centre. Now I am back again with new creations. Resin jewellery has become my latest love. I adore the versatility of the effects that can be achieved and the possibilities of colour combinations.

I have also revisited my previous work of decorating glasswork with adhesive lead – but now am combining these techniques with resin too. I adore soothing patterns and anything with some shine and shimmer. I so enjoy crafting and creating beautiful objects. I hope you appreciate my work as much as I enjoy creating it.