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Suffolk Scented Soaps

We are a recently established small business, started during the Covid 19 pandemic. The motivation came after an enforced spell in bed with a bad back and a lot of thinking time available.

We are fortunate to live in a lovely village, and have a garden big enough to accommodate our love of nature, our hens and of growing our own fruit, veg, salad, herbs and flowers without chemicals. We have a rule in the garden; If it doesn’t feed us or the wildlife, we don’t plant it.

We have long been advocates of the ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy, and enjoy making and using our own home grown and home made products, and love to re-use and recycle, thus contributing less to landfill and fewer pesticides into the environment.

We are rewarded daily with some exciting visitors, many different types of bees, insects, dragonflies, birds large and small, squirrels, rabbits, hares and deer, and of course, by eating our own food and using our own personal care products. We would like to share with you our beautifully handcrafted, luxury soaps, scented with natural Essential Oils; many of which have been celebrated for centuries because of the wellbeing and benefits they are believed to bring.