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The first floor of the Art & Craft Centre is home to a range of beautiful, hand-made bears, made locally, for a collectors' market.

A bear makes an attractive, unusual, sentimental gift – and a Dedham bear particularly so, because of the high quality of the materials used, the original designs, because they are hand-made from start to finish, and because every bear is different. Whilst large manufacturers like Steiff and Merrythought produce limited editions, the smallest edition is likely to be over 1,000 pieces. By going directly to individual artists however, you can find truly unique designs.

Each bear takes many hours to make – from design to completion. They are made from fine German mohair, a luxury fabric – known for its durability and incredible lustre. At one time, many teddy bears were made from mohair, but its use in the modern toy market has given way to that of less expensive synthetics.

If you would like to know more about the way the bears are made, please come in to the Centre or visit the BigFeetBears website or blog.

Please note: The hand-made teddy bears are not suitable for small children due to small parts.