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David Weller Photography

David Weller was born in East London; but for many years has lived in Witham, Essex. His parents have always been keen amateur photographers and as David was growing up he wanted to have better quality photographs from their family holidays when capturing the countryside and its people. His original career was as an electronics engineer and this, together with the family's interest in photography, lead to his initial photographic experimentation. Originally with basic film cameras, borrowed initially from his parents and latterly with digital photography.

David is passionate about creating specific effects for his images from within the camera itself to capture what he is seeing and the places he is visiting; rather than relying heavily on editing his photographs with a computer.

He enjoys taking photographs in both colour and monochrome of rural life, nature, urban and cityscapes, portraiture, his travels and low light photography. He does not restrict himself to just one genre. Often a lot of planning, persistence, patience and research has to go into his photos, in order to capture the desired images.

Admirers of David's photography often describe it as atmospheric, technically sharp and powerful; with a fresh, contemporary feel.

David is an avid contributor to local camera clubs and has been successful in recent competitions. He received Projected Image and Monochrome Awards of the Year in 2016.

Please contact David, without obligation, to discuss his work; or regarding any photographic commissions you may have.

Tel 07854 860916