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Mandy Walden

I am a painter/printmaker living close to the Suffolk coast and it is the unique character of the coastal landscape which continues to be a constant source of inspiration to me. In my work I intend to celebrate every aspect of this landscape ... to communicate an atmosphere of place and the feelings of folk ... a story of magical ordinariness!

Narrative has become of great importance in my work, both in composition and also in the ever increasing passages of text which accompany each image. I am not concerned with portraying an exact realistic copy of a particular place, person,or animal but rather its essence by using a distortion of scale or perspective, a patchwork of unconnected parts found in a landscape.

I have worked for many years as a printmaker making detailed handmade collagraph blocks which are printed on an etching press and then handcoloured in many washes of watercolour paint. A recent development has been the highly detailed, quirky mixed media paintings which have prompted the birth of "The Dawdling Day Illustration Company"! My ever growing collection of giclee prints and canvas blocks!

I also produce my own range of art cards from both the handmade prints and mixed media paintings. A selection of my images can also be found as part of The Green Pebble range of greeting cards.