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Fern Simpson

I am currently a Textile Designer living in Ipswich, Suffolk. My interest in Art began back in 2006. I loved the fact that I could get lost within my own designs – there wasn't a right or wrong outcome – just end products which I enjoyed creating. I continued this interest for designing with a year's at Suffolk New College, studying Art and Design. I explored individual various printing methods. This included lino prints – both singular, as well as using a layering effect, by cutting away more lino, and re-printing this on top of the original design. I began exploring textiles intensely, as I recognised my passion was developing in this direction. This included learning simplistic and intricate embroidery, crocheting, and knitting patterns, as well as fabric dying, and understanding the various binding agents for different desired outcomes. The freedom of Art, and the endless possible designs I could create being limitless, fuelled my admiration for the subject. After completing my year at Suffolk College, I went to Colchester Institute, where I took a three year course achieving my Fashion and Textiles degree.

Interior design is where my enthusiasm lies, in particular canvases. My inspiration derives from the natural world around me, in particular flowers and butterflies. I find the organic shapes of these two stimuli, very soft and elegant, where I then enjoy using the negative space around these motifs, to explore further organic swirls or intricate detailing. I enjoy using a variety of mediums and techniques – acrylic paints, glitter, sequin stitching and spray paints, all combined together to create original designs. I am a very methodical worker and take into consideration colour choices – being bold, soft or neutral - repetition styles, shape placements and intricate detailing, when creating each new design.

In the future I intend to explore wider interior design options, which will include textiles such as wallpaper, bedlinen and housewares to include curtains and blinds. However, at present, canvases are a large part of my enthusiasm, which I dream to see in interiors, both locally and nationally.