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Shy Sheep Felting

I started needle felting about two years ago after a friend made me a model of my border collie dog. It is very much an addictive hobby and I now have various colours and breeds of sheep’s wool stashed all over my house. I work full time, so needle felting is my relaxation, sitting ‘stabbing’ away at wool is very therapeutic! All my wool is sourced from UK small businesses which helps to support other small enterprises. Much of my wool is totally hand processed from being on the sheep to washed, dyed and dispatched.

I started to take orders and requests last year which helps to fund my hobby even further. I like creating detail in miniature, see the woodland themed egg and the toadstool piece. I have since made a teddy bear who is now happily living with a famous American idol and am currently making a bear to be auctioned off to raise money for a child who needs specialist medical equipment.