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Lorena Sanz

My name is Lorena Sanz and I am a Spanish watercolour artist based in Suffolk.
I am a self taught artist and I developed my skills at a very early age thanks to one of my neighbours who was an artist. I used to sit next to him after school just watching how he painted. When he died when I was 14 he left me all his oils, brushes and canvases that I used for years.

I started painting oil on canvas due to my neighbour’s influence but about 10 years ago I discovered the magic of watercolour and since then it has been the only technique I have been using.

I am passionate about colour, its vibrancy and the energy that transmits.
As a former therapist I have always been interested in working with the female energy and I decided to explore these two energies, colour and femininity, in my artwork.
My women are strong, powerful and colourful.
They are wise and calm.
And they look straight with no shame or judgement.
All Women in One and One Woman in All: there is no difference between us.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.