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Patrick Reade

My Passion for woodturning started, when I was at school. I was asked to turn a small item for a class project; I had never used a lathe before, but was instantly bitten by the woodturning bug. When I left school and started work my woodturning career came to a halt. 20 years later I took it up again as a hobby and encouraged by friends and family I went a step further and decided to start selling it in galleries. Some of my work was exhibited at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and I was commissioned by the American Air Force to make exclusive, individual items for some of their members.

I use reclaimed wood whenever possible, buying old furniture from auctions and car boot sales to convert into useable timber. My other sources of wood are local tree surgeons and neighbours. I only use wood from sustainable sources. When turning an item my aim is to let the grain figure and natural defects in the wood show through. as I believe if you are buying a wood turning you would want to see the wood it is made from. I keep any embellishments to the minimum.

I am a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain