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Pure Luxury Candles

As a complete candle addict, constantly burning candles and wax melts, I became increasingly aware of the health impacts of burning candles that contain parabens. After much research, and a lot of testing, I now have a quality, paraben free, product that I am very proud of.

I use only soy wax that is clean burning, vegan, paraben and cruelty free. Everything is hand-poured in small batches, by me, at our home in Essex.

As well as candles and wax melts I make reed diffusers, car air fresheners and room sprays.

Wax Melts
Love the smell of fresh flowers? Perhaps you prefer perfume? Or maybe vanilla or coconut? Whatever your preference, we should have a scent to match. Light a tea light under a wax burner or use an electric wax burner. By using one of our luxurious wax melts, your home will smell fabulous!

What's more relaxing than lighting a candle and putting your feet up with a good book after a long day? We don't know either! We have a good range of candle styles and sizes. They come in large gold, clear, pearlescent and silver jars. We have a range of Vogue candles in black, white, pink, silver and gold. Finally, we have a limited stock of baby geo candles in rose gold, pearlescent and gloss white. They're so cute!

Reed Diffusers
Want a delicately scented room without the naked flame? Perhaps you fear lighting a candle before the children have gone to bed. Why not try a Reed Diffuser? A Reed Diffuser typically lasts about 8-10 weeks. These look really pretty and so make the perfect gift!