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John Kearns

John is an established creative artist. His work is expressed in acrylics, videography and sculpture. A marine theme runs through many of his pieces, from painting antique toy French boats to sculpturing whale tails supporting WDC, the whale and dolphin charity.

His most favoured pieces are:

Edlei’s End, an acrylic on canvass depicting the last Danish Seine style fishing boat built in Grimsby in 1962, now lying at Mistley.

A set of wind up French model boats on abstract seas.

A series of sculptured humpback whale tails.

Living next to the River Stour and a stone’s throw from Constable country is undoubtedly the source of his inspiration.

His videography is a vehicle for businesses wishing to extend their reach to a greater audience. The film of his choice is The Roast Beef Story founded to help injured ex service men and women. Watch on Vimeo

He is married with two sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law and ‘the' most patient and tolerant wife. One grandchild about to increase to two. Hates the A12 with a passion and cannot wait for the invention of teleportation.