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Cyndra Arts

My name is Kayleigh and I have always lived locally in Hadleigh, Suffolk. I recently graduated from university and set up this arty business, Cyndra Arts, to start pursuing a career as a full time designer-maker.

I love to play with colour and create things that are a little bit different and I use a type of plastic to create my colourful and funky designs. Each design is made up of many hand cut pieces of plastic which I then fuse together individually with heat. I don't use any moulds or cutters so no piece is ever the same.

I started by making the earrings which are perfect to add a little colour and fun to your outfit. Then came the sheep which all have their own personalities and I quickly spread into making the highland cows, as well as other animal designs. Most recently I have started making button sets and my new BIG buttons which have gone down a storm and which I absolutely love making. Another new addition to my work is my larger framed pieces which depict my sheep and cows in different scenes. They are a lot of fun to make and allow you to have an affordable and original piece of artwork in your home.

My designs are always growing and developing and the main aim of my work is to make you smile :)

You can keep up with my handmade pieces of happines on Facebook and Etsy using the links below!