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Banter Designs

Banter Designs is a small, local business specialising in handmade, unique tile coasters. They are created in Stowmarket where Banter Designs is based. Each coaster is slightly different making them truly one of a kind. 

All coasters are made by myself, Lisa Durant. I studied Fine Art for a year at NUCA and Graphic Design BA for 3 years at West Suffolk College. I have loved all forms of art for as long as I can remember, whether it be painting, printing, crafting, photography or drawing, It really is a true love of mine.

Coaster designs range from floral, illustrative, comic based, natural, animal based, geometric and many more. They are finished with a waterproof seal and felt base so no damage can come to the coasters or work surfaces. If you want eye catching, unique, quirky coasters then Banter Designs will be right up your street.